10 Obvious Signs That You Are Currently Have a Very Poor Financial Life

Do you struggle a lot when it comes to your financial status? Well, most of the people I know have this problem too. What the right-hand demands, the left-hand pays! 
In this article, I have enumerated some of the signs for a person to be considered as having a poor financial lifestyle. Take time and examine yourself. Let’s get started! 
Here are the ten (10) signs that you have a poor financial lifestyle. 

1. You always get excited when you see a 70% off-the-tag “SALE” and opt to buy it.  

If you are always encouraged to buy a product because you want to take advantage of the discounts offered—You have to change that mindset now! 
How? Have a budget plan and stick to it. Learn to prioritize things before purchasing unimportant ones. Impulsive buying will somehow satisfy you for a while yet eventually will compromise your basic needs. Impose self-control and discipline yourself. 

2. You are in-a-relationship with money.

The sad reality nowadays is that money can sometimes be the main reason why misunderstandings happen between family members or even with relatives and friends. The fact is there’s no point in getting too much attached with money. 
Always remember this: Money can be earned anytime, debt can be paid anytime, but your loved ones? They are priceless. 

3. You’re too afraid to take any risks to double your money. 

If you are too dependent with only one source of income like for instance your job— you are in great danger! You might end up miserable and poor before you know it.
What to do: Start to plan now. If you have extra cash in your wallet or bank account, for instance, decide now where to invest that money so that it would generate interest as time goes by.

4. You’re too reactive about the things that are happening in your life. 


You always complain about the things that are beyond your control. Do not be the person you don’t want to be with. What you have to do is to acknowledge your problems and resolve them positively. Learn from them. Take responsibility for the way you think, speak and act. If you continue being stubborn and negative, people will soon dislike and avoid you. 

5. You don’t have enough time to learn new things.

Time management is very crucial. A well-balanced lifestyle will help you become successful in every aspect of your life. Allot time for yourself, read more of self-help books, business books, newspapers, or even stay tuned to your favorite talk show. Always consider yourself as an investment. What you do today will determine your future someday. 

6. You’re being egocentric.

Your pride hinders you to ask for help. When you don’t know how to buy a plane ticket, don’t hesitate to call somebody for assistance. Sometimes the more you act like you know everything, the more you look stupid. Accept the truth that you need help at times. As the famous line says, no man is an island. 

7. You don’t know your priorities

Plan and set your goals in life. What do you really want to be in the future? What type of business do you really want to put up 5 years from now? Set only goals which are achievable & realistic. Create a strategy on how to achieve your goals. Push yourself to show off your best potential. 

8. You lack the courage to do new things

Go outside the box. Believe that you can turn the impossible into possible! If you only kept doing the things you are used to, you will never grow. If you want to burn calories, have a diet and start to exercise. If you want to learn how to speak in KOREAN, then allot time to study their language. Great things happen to those who persevere!

9. You always compare yourself to others

Do not worry much if you don’t wear the most expensive stilettos or if you haven’t purchased Kylie Jenner’s new collection of cosmetics yet. Here’s the tip: Never compare yourself to others, ‘cause if you do, you are insulting yourself. By learning to embrace your own imperfections, you are one step closer towards becoming a more mature person. 

10. You can’t get rid of your own problems easily

Have the power to control your mind over your emotion. Once you master how your mind responds to a given situation, everything will be easier for you. Otherwise, you will become stressed out. Learn to face your own problems maturely and be more responsible before taking any actions. Accept the fact that the problem is part of the process towards achieving your aim in life. Take one day at a time.
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