9 Small Profitable Businesses Ideas You Can Start During Summer in the Philippines

Summer is often the season for out of the country trips, reunions, going to the beach and. At this time of the year, people often spend money to achieve their dream vacation and get out of the busy city life even for just a week.

It is one of the most awaited time of the year, however for people looking to make money, this is a great opportunity. Especially for students who’d like to earn money before class starts, a small business could go a long way to pay for tuition fee and school dues.

So we’ve compiled a list of business ideas that are perfect for the summer. There are also others who are contemplating whether they’ll start a business or not. Why not try starting a business online? That way you can have a flexible time and study different business strategies. Hopefully one of these ideas can persuade you to try your luck in the business industry.


Summer is the best time to learn something new. Maybe learn a foreign language, or how to sculpt or play a guitar. Most parents and kids take this opportunity to learn a new skill. So offering workshops in the summer is the best bet.

If you’re good at teaching people, offer a number of workshops by advertising it near schools and subdivisions. Most likely a swimming class is one of the common choices for parents. Living in the city doesn’t exactly give you time to learn how to swim, so why not offer swimming lessons? There are also kids who’d like to polish their math or learn a musical instrument. You could also offer baking classes or acting workshops. Put that knowledge to use and teach others. You don’t have to be a master to offer workshops, so why not give it a try? Here’s a list of workshops you could do.

  • Martial Arts (Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, etc.)
  • Health and Fitness (Yoga, Taichi, Zumba, etc.)
  • Acting and Theater
  • Sports (Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, etc.)
  • Music (Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums, etc.)
  • Academic (Math, Science, English, etc.)
  • Dance Workshop /Sing
  • Arts & Crafts (Painting, Sculpting, Bags, Jewelry, etc.)
  • Self Development (Communication Skills, Social, etc.)
  • Culinary (Pastries, Viands, Dessert, Pasta, etc.)


Swimming is one of the ideal activities during summer, so take advantage of this season! Buy gears from Divisoria or straight from the supplier then set up shop near resorts or subdivisions. You could also set up for rent your inflatable pool and ‘salbabida’. Be mindful where you’re putting up your stall, as each area will require different swimming items. If you are near resorts, you could make ‘punny’ t-shirts that visitors can buy as a souvenir. If you’re planning on selling items with the resort’s logo, be sure to ask permission from the management. But if you want to avoid the trouble of getting permission, avoid selling items with the resort’s name on it. Still, here are the items you could sell.

  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Flippers/ Swimming Fins
  • Salbabida, life buoy, inflatables
  • Swimming Trunks, Bathing Suit, Cover-Up.
  • Hats, Sunglasses, Slippers
  • Sun Lotion / Sun Block
  • Life Vest
  • Towels
  • Soap, shampoo, comb
  • Tshirts, souvenir items

3. Traveling Essentials

There are Airfare promos available every summer and most people would grab them for vacation trips. The Philippines has a lot of travel destinations to offer that one summer won’t be enough to cover it all. Since social media has given people a sense of purpose and determination to travel, one common thing they need are their travel essentials. One has to pack light to enjoy traveling. You wouldn’t want to bring tons of bags with you since it will most likely ruin the trip and tire you down. So if your planning to put up a business, another idea is to sell traveling essentials. Here’s a general idea of what a traveler would need.

  • Travel Bags
  • Travel Organizers
  • Camera, Gadgets, Charger
  • Small Container bottles
  • Shoes, Slippers
  • Clothes, Swimwear
  • Luggage locks, covers, and tags
  • Maps, Language-Help Books


Summer is a hot season, so cold food and drinks are always in demand. One great thing about Filipinos is that we love to eat! We think of about any reason just to celebrate and eat out. So better take advantage of this fact and surely you can double your investment less time than expected. To help you have an idea of which food you can sell, see the list below.

  • Ice Candy
  • Buko Juice
  • Halo-Halo
  • Mais con yelo
  • Ice Cream (Sorbetes)
  • Fruit Shakes
  • Milk Tea
  • Sago’t Gulaman

Remember, it still depends on the location you choose. Imagine yourself as the customer and you’ll figure out what they want and actually need. Also keep in mind that some visitors might be foreigners so its best to make a signboard written what ingredients you used.


More people are being aware of how to take care of their pets. If you love animals, this is a great opportunity to offer your services to pet owners. A lot of pet owners go on vacation and trips abroad every summer but they worry who would take care of their beloved pets? And that, my friend, is where you come in. You could put up a daycare center for pets or take care of their pets for a day. You could really earn some good money on this. All you have to do is walk their pets, feed, groom, and take care of their pooing and peeing. Tadah! On the plus side, you get to enjoy playing with their pets. This is perfect for students too since they don’t really need a lot of investment in it. Just time and effort.


Most students look forward to summer vacation as an opportunity to wake up late in the morning, play and hang out with friends. But as for those who would love to improve on certain subject or skills, a private tutor would be the first thing they look for. There are also parents who plan for their kids to excel in before class starts or plan their kids future by utilizing summer as a way to develop their child’s potential. You could provide tutorials at home or rent a space if you’ll be teaching sports or ballet.

7. Printing Services

Summer is not only for kids and families, some corporates plan their company outing during the summer. Also, corporate seminars, meetings, and other events are usually scheduled. You could take advantage of this and offer printing services like T-shirts. You could print company shirts which usually are ordered in bulk to make sure you’ve got enough manpower to supply their demand. During summer you also gain time to attend concerts. You could sell personalized t-shirts or stickers of a favorite band or korean girl group. Here are ideas of what you could print.

  • Company Outing T-Shirts/Jackets/Caps
  • Basketball fan shirt
  • Family Outing T-Shirt/Jackets/ Caps
  • Team Shirts


Resorts are skyrocketing on sales during summer. Since it’s the best season to go to beautiful themed resorts and beaches, people would usually crowd upon a favorite resort while other resorts are less full. This summer, you could offer up your services to advertise and promote their resort for a resort commission. This way you and the resort will both earn money.


Tourists of locals and foreigners will most likely look for the perfect souvenir to take with them home. You could make bracelets, mugs, jackets for them to take home. Make sure you strategize to get customers delivered to you. You could talk to tourist guides to help you with it. You could also make key chains or other memorable crafts that customers will love.

These are 9 best ideas when planning to put up a business. You could add more unique items for your souvenir shop but the point is, better take the opportunity summer season presents.

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