One Family Seriously Take the Challenge of Saving Money, Ended Up Filling Their Bed Sheet with Huge Amount of Cash

A lot of people surges the social media with different kinds of challenges that become a trend these days. An example of this is the “Money-Saving Challenge” where people take their time on saving small amounts of money every day and storing surmountable amounts of cash.

But a daring family takes up the challenge seriously and ends up filling their bed with tons of cash as if they could lie on the bed of money.

They achieved it within one year and posted the photos on social media. It gained a lot of mixed reactions to most netizens as it garnered thousands of shares and likes. It made a lot of people inspired and wanting to do the same.


Abby Sarmiento Mendoza posted her photos showing a huge storage glass and with piles of cash and coins which completely fills two of their beds. Their storage glass for their saved money is quite unique because it looks exactly like the ones that malls use for raffle draws.


They decorated it with their names and also their saving goals to inspire them to save much more money so they could use it for a vacation trip or house plan.

A lot of people think that this is a great idea as they had shared those posted photos to entice them with the challenge.

It is incredibly great to see their spared money which they had been saving up for years as they open the storage glass. They didn’t try to post the total amount of money they gathered. But to think of the amount of the clustered cash and coin, it might have been sufficing to settle for a nice vacation package for their family or even a down payment for a house and lot.

Isn’t it spectacular to see such an inspiring family? What are your thoughts on the “money-saving challenge?” Share it with this article!


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