The Success Story of a Street Beggar Now Working on a Corporate Business Office

Most people didn’t have enough privileges to have a fair fight in life. Some of them were born being poor and not capable of sustaining themselves with food and proper clothing.

They didn’t have the opportunity to study and land a decent job. Despite all these things, there are still some people who truly persevered to fulfill their dreams.

There are many stories of different individuals who inspired a lot of people after they overcome their trials and difficulties in life and now living a comfortable and happy life, some of these people are now millionaires some are billionaires and their rags to richest stories is truly amazing and inspiring.

Danilo Macabadbad is one of those people who never thought that being poor is a hindrance to success. Although his story is not like the other who became millionaires or billionaires, for him he is proud to share his story and what he overcome and achieved in his life.

From a street beggar now he is now working as a call center agent.

Danilo lost his parents when he is young. He didn’t come from a family that is fed with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had to struggle daily to feed himself up by asking for money and food just to survive. To earn some amount of money, he started selling the newspaper on the streets.

Clearly, it was not enough as a stable income to feed himself up. He usually lines up for some feeding programs which is sponsored by companies that give free food. But in many cases, he would still end up sleeping on an empty stomach because it didn’t still suffice.

Just like Danilo, there are still hundreds of street children in the Philippines that experience worse than him.

Some of them even resort to illegal acts and crime just to have a taste of food in their stomachs. These children are also used by syndicate groups to do evil deeds such as child labor or human trafficking. In spite of the temptations that try to misguide him, Danilo chose to live a life without having regrets and avoided sinful acts.

He strived for decent works and tried to improve his way of living. When he grew older, he tried applying for a position as a call center agent.

With his dedication, he was accepted by a company and landed his first job in the corporate world with a decent salary.

It might not be the most wonderful job that some people dream about, but it is certain that Danilo is comfortable with what he has right now instead of seeing himself sleeping and collects alms through begging.

Watch his story bellow by GMA/Front Row:

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