Having a Baby is Expensive: 4 Budget Tips you may Consider in Preparation for your Pregnancy

A single mother shares how she took every opportunity she could just to save money for her delivery.

According to her that she was a student when she became pregnant. According to her that it happened at a wrong time because she was really young and unprepared, she also feels the frustration of her parents.

However, even she thought that she is facing with many trials both emotionally and financially, she still considers it as one of the best days of her life.

She had experienced being an online tutor to help herself financially where it normally pays her P 3,000 a month. I also saved her school allowance which was usually P 100 to P 150 a day. She said that “It was really tough! Luckily, she survived”.

The story of this young mom inspired a lot of people, she experiences the struggle of being a single mom without any savings from her pregnancy. So we highly advise that you should be financially ready before going into this kind of situation.

We all know that having a baby is not easy. Because you have to be prepared financially to provide everything that he/she might need: prenatal care, milk, vitamins, and hospitalization.

However, there are ways to minimize your possible expenses. Let me share with you some budget tips you may want to consider in preparation for your pregnancy until you give birth.

1. Avail of the prenatal care at health centers

Take advantage of the nearest healthcare center in your area. A midwife who is trained well to assist and give healthcare assistance to a mother and her unborn child is provided. Back then, the health center is just a walking distance away from home, so I was able to save money for transportation.

2. Spend on medical tests only when required by the doctor

Urinal and blood tests are the most important tests a pregnant woman should get. My doctor advised me to have an ultrasound during my fourth month since my baby was low-lying. I took medications until I am assured that my baby was okay. Four months later, my doctor asked me again to have another ultrasound to determine my baby’s weight. As far as I can remember, I haven’t undergone any tests unless my doctor had asked me to do so.

3. You don’t need a 4D Ultrasound

Spend only on what is necessary. A 4D ultrasound is quite expensive and will cost you $37 or P 1, 800 for every session. I understand that you want to get a glimpse of your baby’s features. However, there’s always a thrill in surprises. In my case, I got the traditional 2D ultrasound which helped save up to 200% of my expenses.

4. Avail of maternity packages at the hospital

Take advantage of maternity packages. This is inclusive of the professional fee of an OB-gyn, prenatal care visits, labor and delivery room fees, 3-day stay at the OB ward and medical supplies needed during the whole admission. However, expect that you might incur additional expenses such as medical tests and ultrasound.

That time, I chose the maternity package deal at St. Vincent General Hospital in Cebu City worth P 10,000 – P 8,000 for the package and P 2, 000 for other expenses. However, I’ve spent a total of P 15, 000 because my daughter needed to stay in the nursery room for a week.

This maternity package is only applicable for those who have a normal delivery. On the other hand, giving birth through cesarean will cost you much higher bill to pay.

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