How to Secure your Family’s Future with Just 6 Pesos a Day

To have a peace of mind is essential.
We live in a world where everyone is always in a hurry – how to get a job, go and travel to other places, have a family and retire early. This normally defines the lifestyle of being a mother. Once you wake up in the morning, the endless task that awaits you began to pile up. The sad truth is, you focus more on your daily routine and forget about your family’s future goals.

Maybe you have already a list of family goals in your mind but not putting much attention to it. This is the perfect time for you to start securing your family’s future. Start doing it today!
One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to apply for an insurance. For some, it is challenging and quite intimidating to understand especially when you have completely no knowledge about it.
However, we provide a simple guide for you to understand well how insurance can make your life better.
Is there a need to have insurance?
Insurance provides security for you and your family. Long-term and short-term goals which include funds for the education of your children, purchasing a car or even having medical assistance can be achieved easily. Having insurance enables you to prepare for whatever circumstances that may arise in the future.
How does insurance work?
I understand that some may find it difficult to understand when insurance/s is/are discussed. To simplify how insurance works, if there’s any case of car accidents, fire, illness or even unexpected demise of a loved one, the insurance company will cover the expenses through the money you remitted to them. Your claim will depend on the policy contract you signed upon.

Consult an insurance agent or financial advisor about the coverage of the insurance contract to apply. It will give you knowledge about the benefits of the contract.
As part of making your money work for you, you can also put it in an investment fund to earn interest and have an extra income to compensate for other expenses.
How much do you normally spend on an insurance policy?
The payment varies upon the insurance plan you want to apply (i.e., insurance premium). Another reason why you need to get one is that they are offering an upgraded type of life insurance which covers risks associated with acts of terrorism. FWD Life Philippines is one who offers such policy, with just P6.00 a day premium, you can avail of their FWD Peace Plan which offers up to P1, 000, 000.00 per insured person. You can learn more about that here!
Who is covered when you get insurance?
Ideally, these insurance is for every Filipinos and for legal residents who are 18 years old and above. FWD Peace Plan offers two cover options. You can either have the Personal Peace who gives you P1 Million coverage for P 2,000 or the Family Peace which covers your spouse and children below 18 years of age with P1 M insurance for just a premium payment of P 3,000 for each of you. You rest assured of protection anywhere in the world for a year. You can apply for it through online transaction.
Getting insured is timely and relevant knowing that terrorism is almost a threat to every one of us, being one of the biggest concerns of every nation today. Now is the time to invest in insurance that will allow you to live peaceably. You can visit the website of FWD Life Philippines for further queries.

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